Your home interior designs could be simple, sophisticated, or luxurious. Yet, they have an element of serenity, artistic appeal, and a deep sense of bonding between your home and your emotions. Your body and mind relax and get rejuvenated.  Your life flows smoothly and evenly like a river. You can experience a perfect sense of sanity in your thinking and lifestyle. A perfect picture of a heavenly home, isn’t it?

Sometimes your home interior may start aging faster than you. You may see wet patches all over the walls and ceilings. Your bedroom starts stinking with a foul smell. You can’t sit comfortably in your living room. Your bathroom floor gets slippery and the toilet bowl is never clean. You start wondering what is going on.

Plumbing Inspection

Leaking Spots

Leaking and wet patches on walls are closely connected. It could be from the water lines, drain pipes, or the sewage lines. Most of the leaks in the living room, bedroom and drawing room are due to water pipe leaks. They get clogged within the walls from the cracks and loose connections. You can use the plumbing drawing to find out the approximate location of the pipes within the walls. Then you may dig into the wall and try to fix the pipe problem.

What if there are multiple leaking points on a single pipe. Then you have to dig out in as many places and fix the pipe. You should determine whether it is a valve problem, pipe crack, fitting defect, or a U-connector issue. For this you need

  • The right set of plumbing tools
  • Experience in handling plumbing issues
  • Knowledge of the plumbing drawing
  • Identification of leaking points
  • Knowledge of corrective and preventive repairs
  • Understanding of long-term maintenance procedures

You can apply the same logic to the repair and maintenance of drain pipes and sewage pipes also. Moreover, you should have the right safety gadgets, protective clothing, and knowledge of emergency safety procedures. These are some of the key parameters required for plumbing work efficiency.

Plumbing Problems

The common plumbing problems could be related to

  • Pressure variation in the pipes
  • Failure of valves and connectors
  • Malfunctioning plumbing accessories
  • Internal corrosion of pipes and valves
  • Internal cracks resulting in weak spots on pipes

These are only the symptoms of a system failure. The root causes could be somewhere else. A professional plumber can detect them with the help of advanced technology and tools.

Cesspool Inspection –

A cesspool is the final destination of the drain and sewage water in the majority of homes in your region. It is the most useful waste storage tank, in places, where the municipal sewage lines are unavailable or unaffordable.

The structural and functional issues in the cesspool can cause most of the plumbing systems to fail. So, you have to find a way to fixing them quickly, effectively and economically. The professional Cesspool experts in your neighborhood can perform the task scientifically and hygienically to keep your family and home safe.

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