The interior walls in your living room and drawing room deserve the most imaginative combination of colours, design patterns, and wall paintings. You may opt for popcorn ceilings and sand textured walls. You love to have hardwood flooring with wall-to-wall cashmere wool carpeting. Now the living room is almost perfect. You add a life-size portrait of the Buddha and make everything complete. It is time to throw a party to your colleagues on the next weekend. Meanwhile, you can relax and enjoy the living experience in the haven you have created.

Tears of the Buddha

Your guests marvel at the perfect interiors. They are awestruck to see the tears of the Buddha flowing down and running through the carpet. But you don’t smile or appreciate the miracle! You know it is a disaster waiting on the brink. What went wrong?

Poor Plumbing

Leaks on the walls, overflowing toilets, flooded floors and an interior filled with a foul smell and unhygienic conditions are some of the after-effects of poor plumbing.

  • Renovation of old model home without bothering to change the plumbing works
  • Using Do-It-Yourself methods to fix the “small” problems in the plumbing works
  • Choosing a “cheap” plumber for installation and maintenance

These are only some of the reasons for damaging the expensive and exquisite interior design works. You may also have to face many other issues like contaminated water in the kitchen, bathroom, and the washbasins in your living and drawing rooms. You have to take corrective and preventive measures to restore the plumbing to normal conditions.

Corrective Measures

Inspection: Inspect the plumbing network in your home for the probable defects which may cause the problems. Visual inspection and feeling with your hand are the two methods you can use. You have to start from the main pipe that connects to the municipal lines. Preferably you should have the plumbing diagram for fresh water, drainage pipes, and sewage.

Correction: Make a list of all the valves, connectors, traps, redirectors and junction points with fittings. You may detect a few (which are externally accessible) and replace the parts prone to corrosion, rusting, wearing and damages. The problem seems to persist in spite of taking the best measures. Your floors are flooded and walls have leaks. Perhaps you should check the cesspool also.

Cesspool Failure

Cesspool leaking and flooding may happen due to excess of soil compaction, reverse-flow through the flushing and sewage line, interior rusting and clogging of pipes, reverse water hammer and damaged traps, and loose connections in the valves can cause bursts and flooding in your home. Damages to the sewage lines on the upper floors can cause wall leaks.

What is the Solution?

You have to hire a professional plumber and cesspool specialist for the complete corrective (repairs) and preventive maintenance tasks. It is stated to be technically feasible, economically viable, and practically simple for solving your problems. You have to do it preferably before the “small” problems grow into complex issues. Then the Buddha in your living room will stop shedding tears.

How Poor Plumbing Can Damage Your Exquisite Home Interiors
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