The layout and pattern of floor tiles in your home play a big role in enhancing the aesthetics of the interior design. The tiles generate unique vibrations of color, texture, and emotions within the living space. Your perception of life and everyday living will go through a miraculous transformation with time. Your body tends to relax and shed the stress factors naturally. The interior design of floor tiles has such power over your mind and body.

What happens when the interior design starts crumbling and cracking? What if drain water and sewage start leaking into your living room, kitchen, and bathroom? What if your bedroom turns into a pool of water overnight?

Poor Plumbing – Root Cause

You have to inspect your home’s plumbing work for cracks, loose connections, and other forms of leakage. You may be able to detect the leaks if they are within the visible sections of the plumbing networks. If they are within the enclosed or sealed sections (walls, ceilings, and floors), you may need a scanning tool to detect them.  However, there could be certain subtle signs of leakage within these sections which you can observe.

  • Constant vibrations over the floor tiles
  • Wet patches on the walls
  • Dripping ceilings
  • The strange foul smell within the room interiors
  • Formation of mold and mildew on ceiling and walls

Once you observe any of these signs in the initial stages, you can take action to prevent further damages. You have two options for fixing the problems, namely the Do-It-Yourself approach or calling a professional plumber. There is yet another dimension to this problem.

Cesspool Problems – Hidden Cause

The drain and sewage pipes from the outlets get connected to the cesspool which is outside the building of your home. It is buried at a depth to allow free flow of wastewater into the chambers. The cesspool is generally a concrete construction used for storing the waste water from drains and sewage system like the toilets. It has a specific volume capacity. You have to remove the waste with the help of a cesspool tank truck regularly.

All the wastewater pipes connecting to the cesspool have the system of valves, fittings, and other control mechanisms for flow rate and pressure. Failure or damage in any of the system can cause the plumbing system to collapse. It is often the hidden cause for the failure of the plumbing network. The final result is the failure of fixtures and utility types of equipment in your bathroom, kitchen, and toilets.

Cesspool Repairs – Reliable Solution

If you want to get reliable and durable solutions to the plumbing fixtures and pipes in your home, it is time to start diagnosing the cesspool. In most cases, it may not be possible to use DIY procedures. It is for practical reasons like

  • Safety and hygienic problems
  • No experience
  • No knowledge of the cesspool and plumbing architecture
  • No advanced tools and equipment

The Cesspool expert in your region can give you the perfect solution at the right time at affordable costs.

How Poor Plumbing cab affect the Interior Floor Tiling Design

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