Incredible Home Interior Designs on the Verge of Collapse

Interior design for your home is like jewelry, cosmetics, and the fashionable fabrics you wear to increase and enhance your beauty elements. It is a dynamic feature, which may constantly transform with time. Or it could be a timeless experience which you want to retain for years. Either way, you would love to preserve the internal décor with all your energy, money and efforts. Your home interior designer is the guide you depend on. He can visualize every aspect of the design from every possible angle.

Hidden Factor of Damage

There is one critical aspect of risk to internal design. Your designer may never be able to visualize it because it is often buried into the walls, ceiling, and floors. It is practically everywhere, from the patio to the backyard garden, covering every room and corner of your home.

Plumbing Network

It is the plumbing network, which includes the fresh water pipes, drain water pipes and the sewage water pipes. Excellent plumbing work can keep your home internal design young and vibrant forever. A poor plumbing network can ruin the interior designs within a short span of life after installation. Some of the probable causes could be

  • Aging and corroding pipes
  • Damaged valves and fittings
  • Loose connections
  • Rusted connectors
  • Worn out valves and fittings, etc

You have to check the network frequently to avoid the possible breakdown points in the network. You will need a set of

  • Scanning and diagnosis tools
  • Plumbing tools
  • Construction tools for breaking the walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Measuring tools for evaluating the damage
  • Detection tools for finding the breakdown points
  • Equipment for repairing and repairing plumbing parts
  • Knowledge of preventive measures
  • Tools for restoring the damaged interior design, etc

You will need experience and expertise in the field of plumbing to set the problems right at the correct time. Or the problem can progress to a level of complete interior design collapse. Then there is no point in regretting. You have to rebuild your interiors from scratch. But you may not are able to get the same sophistication and artistic effects like the first time.

Cesspool Problems

 A cesspool is a hidden tank outside your home which stores all the drainage and sewage waste from your home. It may have a single chamber or multiple sections, depending on how you have got it constructed. It is protected from all the sides and corners by insulation and cementing. The outlet drain and sewage pipes remain hygienic and clean in normal conditions.

Damages to the cesspool structure can cause waste and toxic deposits to scum in the reverse order. They can fill the pipes connecting to the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms with drainage pipes and plumbing fixtures.

Cesspool Service

You may not be able to realize the real issues related to the cesspool since the effects are only through the plumbing pipes. So, you will need the help of a professional Cesspool expert to fix the problems.

What Makes Your Home Interior Design Look Repulsive

Your home interior designs could be simple, sophisticated, or luxurious. Yet, they have an element of serenity, artistic appeal, and a deep sense of bonding between your home and your emotions. Your body and mind relax and get rejuvenated.  Your life flows smoothly and evenly like a river. You can experience a perfect sense of sanity in your thinking and lifestyle. A perfect picture of a heavenly home, isn’t it?

Sometimes your home interior may start aging faster than you. You may see wet patches all over the walls and ceilings. Your bedroom starts stinking with a foul smell. You can’t sit comfortably in your living room. Your bathroom floor gets slippery and the toilet bowl is never clean. You start wondering what is going on.

Plumbing Inspection

Leaking Spots

Leaking and wet patches on walls are closely connected. It could be from the water lines, drain pipes, or the sewage lines. Most of the leaks in the living room, bedroom and drawing room are due to water pipe leaks. They get clogged within the walls from the cracks and loose connections. You can use the plumbing drawing to find out the approximate location of the pipes within the walls. Then you may dig into the wall and try to fix the pipe problem.

What if there are multiple leaking points on a single pipe. Then you have to dig out in as many places and fix the pipe. You should determine whether it is a valve problem, pipe crack, fitting defect, or a U-connector issue. For this you need

  • The right set of plumbing tools
  • Experience in handling plumbing issues
  • Knowledge of the plumbing drawing
  • Identification of leaking points
  • Knowledge of corrective and preventive repairs
  • Understanding of long-term maintenance procedures

You can apply the same logic to the repair and maintenance of drain pipes and sewage pipes also. Moreover, you should have the right safety gadgets, protective clothing, and knowledge of emergency safety procedures. These are some of the key parameters required for plumbing work efficiency.

Plumbing Problems

The common plumbing problems could be related to

  • Pressure variation in the pipes
  • Failure of valves and connectors
  • Malfunctioning plumbing accessories
  • Internal corrosion of pipes and valves
  • Internal cracks resulting in weak spots on pipes

These are only the symptoms of a system failure. The root causes could be somewhere else. A professional plumber can detect them with the help of advanced technology and tools.

Cesspool Inspection –

A cesspool is the final destination of the drain and sewage water in the majority of homes in your region. It is the most useful waste storage tank, in places, where the municipal sewage lines are unavailable or unaffordable.

The structural and functional issues in the cesspool can cause most of the plumbing systems to fail. So, you have to find a way to fixing them quickly, effectively and economically. The professional Cesspool experts in your neighborhood can perform the task scientifically and hygienically to keep your family and home safe.

How Poor Plumbing cab affect the Interior Floor Tiling Design

The layout and pattern of floor tiles in your home play a big role in enhancing the aesthetics of the interior design. The tiles generate unique vibrations of color, texture, and emotions within the living space. Your perception of life and everyday living will go through a miraculous transformation with time. Your body tends to relax and shed the stress factors naturally. The interior design of floor tiles has such power over your mind and body.

What happens when the interior design starts crumbling and cracking? What if drain water and sewage start leaking into your living room, kitchen, and bathroom? What if your bedroom turns into a pool of water overnight?

Poor Plumbing – Root Cause

You have to inspect your home’s plumbing work for cracks, loose connections, and other forms of leakage. You may be able to detect the leaks if they are within the visible sections of the plumbing networks. If they are within the enclosed or sealed sections (walls, ceilings, and floors), you may need a scanning tool to detect them.  However, there could be certain subtle signs of leakage within these sections which you can observe.

  • Constant vibrations over the floor tiles
  • Wet patches on the walls
  • Dripping ceilings
  • The strange foul smell within the room interiors
  • Formation of mold and mildew on ceiling and walls

Once you observe any of these signs in the initial stages, you can take action to prevent further damages. You have two options for fixing the problems, namely the Do-It-Yourself approach or calling a professional plumber. There is yet another dimension to this problem.

Cesspool Problems – Hidden Cause

The drain and sewage pipes from the outlets get connected to the cesspool which is outside the building of your home. It is buried at a depth to allow free flow of wastewater into the chambers. The cesspool is generally a concrete construction used for storing the waste water from drains and sewage system like the toilets. It has a specific volume capacity. You have to remove the waste with the help of a cesspool tank truck regularly.

All the wastewater pipes connecting to the cesspool have the system of valves, fittings, and other control mechanisms for flow rate and pressure. Failure or damage in any of the system can cause the plumbing system to collapse. It is often the hidden cause for the failure of the plumbing network. The final result is the failure of fixtures and utility types of equipment in your bathroom, kitchen, and toilets.

Cesspool Repairs – Reliable Solution

If you want to get reliable and durable solutions to the plumbing fixtures and pipes in your home, it is time to start diagnosing the cesspool. In most cases, it may not be possible to use DIY procedures. It is for practical reasons like

  • Safety and hygienic problems
  • No experience
  • No knowledge of the cesspool and plumbing architecture
  • No advanced tools and equipment

The Cesspool expert in your region can give you the perfect solution at the right time at affordable costs.

How Poor Plumbing Can Damage Your Exquisite Home Interiors

The interior walls in your living room and drawing room deserve the most imaginative combination of colours, design patterns, and wall paintings. You may opt for popcorn ceilings and sand textured walls. You love to have hardwood flooring with wall-to-wall cashmere wool carpeting. Now the living room is almost perfect. You add a life-size portrait of the Buddha and make everything complete. It is time to throw a party to your colleagues on the next weekend. Meanwhile, you can relax and enjoy the living experience in the haven you have created.

Tears of the Buddha

Your guests marvel at the perfect interiors. They are awestruck to see the tears of the Buddha flowing down and running through the carpet. But you don’t smile or appreciate the miracle! You know it is a disaster waiting on the brink. What went wrong?

Poor Plumbing

Leaks on the walls, overflowing toilets, flooded floors and an interior filled with a foul smell and unhygienic conditions are some of the after-effects of poor plumbing.

  • Renovation of old model home without bothering to change the plumbing works
  • Using Do-It-Yourself methods to fix the “small” problems in the plumbing works
  • Choosing a “cheap” plumber for installation and maintenance

These are only some of the reasons for damaging the expensive and exquisite interior design works. You may also have to face many other issues like contaminated water in the kitchen, bathroom, and the washbasins in your living and drawing rooms. You have to take corrective and preventive measures to restore the plumbing to normal conditions.

Corrective Measures

Inspection: Inspect the plumbing network in your home for the probable defects which may cause the problems. Visual inspection and feeling with your hand are the two methods you can use. You have to start from the main pipe that connects to the municipal lines. Preferably you should have the plumbing diagram for fresh water, drainage pipes, and sewage.

Correction: Make a list of all the valves, connectors, traps, redirectors and junction points with fittings. You may detect a few (which are externally accessible) and replace the parts prone to corrosion, rusting, wearing and damages. The problem seems to persist in spite of taking the best measures. Your floors are flooded and walls have leaks. Perhaps you should check the cesspool also.

Cesspool Failure

Cesspool leaking and flooding may happen due to excess of soil compaction, reverse-flow through the flushing and sewage line, interior rusting and clogging of pipes, reverse water hammer and damaged traps, and loose connections in the valves can cause bursts and flooding in your home. Damages to the sewage lines on the upper floors can cause wall leaks.

What is the Solution?

You have to hire a professional plumber and cesspool specialist for the complete corrective (repairs) and preventive maintenance tasks. It is stated to be technically feasible, economically viable, and practically simple for solving your problems. You have to do it preferably before the “small” problems grow into complex issues. Then the Buddha in your living room will stop shedding tears.